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4 best quality dog foods to give wholesome nourishment to your canine companion – fitness


Those who love their dogs go to great lengths to give them the best life possible and providing them with quality dog food plays an essential role in ensuring their well-being. A number of well-known brands have introduced a large variety of products that offer necessary nutrients to your canine companions.

It is vital to choose the right product that caters to the specific health requirements for your dog. While shopping for dog food, it is important to check if a product has what it takes to keep your pooch pet happy and healthy.

Here is a list you should keep in mind while shopping for dog food:

1.Complete and balanced nutrition

Containing many quality ingredients, this product from Pedigree provides your dog with a balanced nutritious meal. Formulated for adult dogs, it contains 20% crude protein, 5% crude fibre and 10% crude fat.

It provides your furry friend with stronger muscles, bones and teeth, and visibly healthier and shinier coat. Packed with calcium, iron and vitamin B12, it promotes your dog’s digestive health and boosts its immune system.

Developed by experts, this product is ideal for a number of breeds, including pugs, beagles, labradors, German shepherds and golden retrievers. Containing essential nutrients necessary for the healthy growth of your canine companion, this dog food is enriched with the goodness of cereals, chicken, meat and other beneficial ingredients that provide your dog with a healthy amount of proteins, fats and fibres.

2.Enhances physical performance

Meat Up offers this complete and balanced dog food containing essential ingredients such as chicken, eggs and vegetables. It also offers the required vitamins and minerals to your pet.

The product is highly palatable and suitable for all breeds. Formulated to enhance your pet’s physical performance and improve its health, the product delivers an energy-packed diet that caters to all the nutritional needs of your dog.

It contains probiotics to boost your pet’s digestive system, enhancing its overall health. The product is enriched with omega 3 and 6 fatty acids for a healthier coat.

Antioxidants in the dog food improve your dog’s immune system while the glucosamine provides stronger bones and joints.

3. Packed with nutrients

Suitable for 15-month-old puppies, this product offered by Royal Canin is specially formulated to boost your pet’s immunity system during its growth period. Made to satisfy all its nutritional needs, the dog food contains a blend of antioxidants and vitamin E to support your puppy’s natural defenses.

Containing the highly digestible prebiotics and proteins, the product supports good digestive activity and helps in maintaining a healthy balance of intestinal flora. Also containing moderate energy content, the product keeps your canine companion as energetic as ever.

4. All breed formula

This dog food by Drools provides all the required nutritional value to your dog. Formulated with a balanced ratio of fats and proteins, the product is highly palatable and boosts your pet’s digestive health.

Containing real chicken, this dog food is suitable for all breeds. Consisting of a great blend of vitamins and minerals, the product makes your dog’s bones and joints stronger.

The required amount of omega 6 and 3 fatty acids helps in maintaining healthy skin and a beautiful coat. Also, the essential nutrients in this dog food help in preventing tartar build-up.

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