How to Explain fathers day gift from toddler to a Five-Year-Old

This Father’s Day, I got to give my dad a brand new, hand-crafted, high-quality, and handmade baseball glove. And, he didn’t have to buy it, I did.

It doesnt really feel like dads have much of a role in baseball these days, either. Sure, they can sign the Opening Day roster, but that’s about it. When your dad gets his new glove he doesnt have nearly as much money as he used to, nor does he get to take his son out to a restaurant or bar every night. It’s still a great gift, but it’s not necessarily a dad’s day gift.

I remember when the first game my dad played was with us. I had a T-ball glove that I bought for the last game, and as soon as I got to the field I couldnt take it off my hand. I couldnt get a bat out, and I wouldnt be able to hit for a long time. It was my dad’s first game, and I’d had all the pieces, and I’d just gotten out of the shower.

My dad had always loved baseball, so he was ecstatic when he heard about the game I was getting to play. He had been a huge baseball fan, but he had never played one. I was a little disappointed but I had always had a few things. A bat, and a ball, and a glove, and a helmet.

My dad was a big baseball fan but his love of the game wasn’t exclusive to any one specific team. He was a huge fan of the Montreal Expos, but was also partial to the Cincinnati Reds. He had a particular fondness for the Cincinnati Reds because they were the team that he grew up with. He used to play baseball with my mom and my three brothers, and he was the one who taught me how to hit the ball.

It’s a little frustrating for a parent to be so attached to a child, but I’m glad he’s still with us; I’m glad he still reads my posts and thinks I’m a good son. He’s our dad, and we’re doing all we can to keep him around. I’m sure he’d want us to have the best toys for him to play with and he’d be very sad to see them go.

Well, Im glad to hear that your dad is still healthy and doing well. From what little we saw of him during the Reds games last night, he looked pretty good. I guess as long as your mom is keeping up with the food, everything is going to be good.

I guess they’re both happy that their Dad is still around. I think they know that the kids, especially a child like Colt, are less likely to remember the last time they had a good time, and if they do remember, they often don’t want to go back. So, it’s just nice to hear that their dad is okay, and they’re both glad to hear that.

My son, however, did not like Colt’s new outfit. He made a comment to me that “Dad’s got a bit too much makeup on” and I was worried that he was saying that Colt’s dad had some kind of facial hair that my son was just not comfortable with. I reminded him that he’s just six, and even if he wouldnt mind, it would be really weird to see his dad wear a tie with his hair tied up.

Colt Vahn’s dad is an actual father, and we saw the footage of the whole thing in action in the trailer (that we did not see from our front-row seat). He was super cool and so thankful to see his son. I was glad that his son was okay, but the tie thing was really weird.

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