What Hollywood Can Teach Us About hand painted wooden christmas ornaments

This article is dedicated to any one who is looking for a unique christmas ornaments to brighten up their tree or give them a little extra holiday cheer. I have collected a lot of them over the years, but this year, for this special gift, I chose to include them in a collection for my son.

To use the word “christmas” it is assumed that you have a child in mind. That makes the collection a little more special, as it has been a long time since we’ve really given our children something that is very unique. I’ve included some new designs, as well, which are a lot more modern and modernizing in nature.

Christmas ornaments can be really fun to hand paint because they are so versatile, and so easy to make. A great Christmas ornaments project isn’t just the time-worn holiday decorations we might have from years past. Some are more whimsical, some are more functional, some have more purpose, and some aren’t all that much of a thing. For my son, we’ve decided to give them a little heft to them.

You can find a lot of information online about christmas ornaments. Ive included some of my favorite ones here. A lot of these are more “mixed” than traditional, but that doesnt mean they arent fun to make.

Like the above mentioned “whatnot” posts I said, this isnt exactly a christmas ornaments post. It’s more a follow up to this post, with a few more tips as to what I think are some fun ornaments to make for your family, that can be made in the wee hours of the morning.

You can make this with any shape you want, but I would recommend having the children help you with the cutting. You want to be able to get your hands dirty, and having the kids help with the cutting helps them to learn that way.

Also, I would recommend bringing a knife and some scissors for cutting your wood. Even if you’re not doing this for the kids, it’s great to have some tools of the trade.

So here’s the deal. You can use your imagination to make these ornaments. You don’t need to do it yourself. What I recommend doing is taking some pictures of what you want and then tracing the designs with the help of a paper clip. You can just cut the paper clip with your fingers and then cut out the shapes you want. Make sure you get your paper clip long enough or you’ll cut your fingers when you try to use it.

I love how the ornaments look. They look like the best part of the toy box, but with a little bit of craft they look good too.

I have a feeling that these ornaments will be a lot of fun and I might even post them here.

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