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Here’s what may prevent Donald Trump from running for President again | World News


New Delhi: President Donald Trump became the first president in American history to be impeached twice in his four-year term and this time the charges are much more serious.

Trump has been accused for the riots witnessed at the Capitol last week, he has been blamed of inciting his supporters to breach the House mid-session as they were ready to certify Joe Biden’s win in the November 3 US election. 

If Trump is convicted, then he may not have to vacate office as it already the near-end of his presidency but the lawmakers could take a separate vote on whether to disqualify Trump from holding any federal office in future.

For this, the vote of only a majority of senators is required unlike the two-thirds majority needed to convict Trump.

According to the US constitution, an impeachment means holding the president guilty on charges of high crime or misdemeanour by the House of Representatives.

The Senate needs two-thirds majority to remove the president from his office and in order for that to take place, the Senate must convict Trump in an impeachment trial. 

If the Senate convicts Trump then it could also disqualify him from serving in a future federal office.

In a double whammy, Trump could lose also some of his benefits under the Former Presidents Act of 1958. Those include a lifetime pension, an annual travel budget and funding for an office and staff.

Though Trump would still be entitled to Secret Service protection, but Congress could amend the law to make sure Trump loses those benefits too.

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