minimal background

This is my very first full-length painting. It’s a portrait, and the subject is my wife, with a background of a snowcapped mountain and the ocean. I’m still learning how to paint on a canvas, and I think this painting is something I can get into. I’m not sure if I’ve even begun the process of painting on a canvas, but I feel this may be my first attempt at it.

In this painting, we have a very basic background with the ocean and a few mountains in the background. It’s not perfect, but it’s enough so that the composition is easy to figure out. Its also a nice change of pace from the more usual landscape paintings.

We can get a lot of information in a minimal background, one of the many benefits of doing a lot of painting (I’m sure). It helps give the viewer something to focus on, or it can also act as a distraction, allowing the viewer to take their eyes off of the main subject and wander off into other areas. In this case the main subject is the ocean and the ocean is the focus of the painting because it is the main image we are focusing on.

In this painting, the ocean is the focus, but it also serves as a reminder that the ocean is not the only thing that swims in the sky. The sky is made up of layers of different colors, each one of which adds to the overall atmosphere and mood of the painting. In this case the sky is the main subject in the painting, but it’s also a very distracting element.

This is a great example of something that is distracting but isn’t distracting. The sky is distracting, but it doesn’t distract much from the ocean because it is always there.

This is very similar to the painting we did in our last post. The sky is distracting, but its also distracting from the ocean because of the layers of color that make up the sky. This is the same as the previous painting, but this time we are painting the ocean at different times and its distracting to the eye. The different layers of color are distracting, but its not distracting enough to make us stop looking, unlike the previous painting.

We painted the ocean last night, and our painter friend thought we were doing a wonderful job. She was right on the money with her colors, and the sky and other elements of the canvas were painted a little more bright than the ocean itself. But its still hard to get our heads around because the ocean isn’t always there. I am a huge fan of minimalism and minimal background, so it’s good to know that there is a place for both.

There is, and we are, not just because the ocean is there, but because it is part of the way we use the canvas. It is the canvas, and it isn’t just a simple black wall. As we talked about earlier, our canvas is a very important element of what we accomplish. We are responsible for the canvas, and we have complete control over how we use the canvas, because we are in charge of how it looks.

If you are anything like me, then you have a background that is of a very very similar nature. We tend to live in a world where things are easy, but also a world where things are complex and we have to work hard to bring something to life. Sometimes the complexity of the canvas is what we want to bring to it.

We don’t have to look quite so hard to make a decision. With just a few simple steps we can choose the shape of our canvas and the size of our canvas. So if you want to keep the same shape and size after painting it, that’s what we’ll do. If you want to make a different shape on the canvas than the one you painted, you can do that too. It really is that simple.

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