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My father has 27 wives, 150 children: Teen’s revelation about living in polygamous family goes viral | viral News


British Columbia: If you thought large families were a thing of the past, you might be shocked to hear about this Canadian family with 150 siblings, 26 mothers and a single father. The paternal figure in the family, Winston Blackmore is the most famous Polygamist in Canada and lives with his huge family in British Columbia. 

He had 27 wives but only 22 had children with him and out of those 22, he now remains married to 16 of them. Merlin Blackmore, one of the sons, recently spoke about his experience about living in a multi-family set up in a TikTok video. The 19-year-old’s two brothers, Warren and Murray also shared stories on the social media platform about living with a polygamous family. 

In the video, one of the sons reveals his eldest sibling is 44-years-old and the youngest is 1-year-old.

Merlin and his brother feel comfortable talking about their odd family set up now that they have moved to America away from their extended family. In the video, Merlin, who has seven siblings, said, “I wanted to talk about it, but I had to get out because I was afraid that someone might do something to me if I did it. Now I am in a situation where I can talk, the world will know.”

He explained how his eldest sibling is 44-years-old and the youngest is 1-year-old. All kids in the family called their biological mother as ‘mum’ and their stepmothers as ‘mother’ followed by their first name. Celebrations were nothing different, though. Despite being a family of 150 siblings, the brothers said that only their biological siblings and closest friends were present during birthdays.


Interestingly, they would all go to the same school which is owned by Winston Blackmore, the father of the family. About their living arrangement, Merlin’s older brother Warren said, “Typically there would be two mums and their kids per house, one on the top floor and one on the bottom.” However, as the Blackmore kids are growing older, things are changing, said Warren. The siblings are moving out of their unconventional family ways but remain close to each other.

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