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I always wonder why we don’t just call one of our thoughts “the” thought. It’s the closest thing to a synonym for us. But I don’t think this is true. It just means it’s a thought that we think of as a separate entity from the rest of the content in our minds.

The thing is we could also write a thought as a synonym for something else. For example, if I say, “This is my thought.” Then I could also say, “That is my thought.

A synonym is when you use words that are synonyms that describe the same thing. So it’s an expression that describes something that has two or more different meanings. The word synonym is a good example because it’s not just used in the same sentence as the synonym. It’s used with each word in the sentence to describe a different idea.

I’m actually a little surprised I can say this, considering I’m one of those people who knows how to talk a good talk-talk-talk. But that’s what I do. Synonyms are something I use to quickly describe ideas.

Synonyms are words (or phrases) that have been used to describe the same idea, so its a good example of the word being used with the word.

The word paradoxically isn’t used as a synonym for synonym, but it is used with the word synonym as an example of the word being used with the word. If you were to look at synonyms in the dictionary, you would see that synonym, paradoxically, uses both “the other word” and “the same word”.

I hate it when you say, “The word is paradoxically used in the same sentence” and I reply, “No its not” because its a great example of the word being used with two different words.

Paradoxically is a word and synonym is a word. In this case, it’s a word and it’s a synonym, because while the word paradoxically can be used with both synonyms, its uses of synonyms are more limited or restricted. The word paradoxically can be used as a noun, as a verb, as a adjective, as a preposition, and as an aspect.

This particular use of the word is used by the New York Times. Because of this, The New York Times uses the word paradoxically in a sentence to mean “in a paradoxical way.” To use this on its own, we’d need to use the word paradoxically in the same sentence twice.

Paradoxically is used in the same way as the term synonym. That is, it can be used as a noun (“it is paradoxical that…”), a verb (“it is paradoxical that…”), or an adjective (“it is a paradoxical thing that…”). In this particular sentence, the Times uses the word in a paradoxical sense.

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